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Need to use an Exchange Zone? (Pro Tip: Search "A Relai App" in the app store)

Download A Relai App!

_MERCHANT_ is a Relai app that empowers local businesses to sell and drop off products at local Exchange Zones. Use the web app to upload products, track orders, and receive payment. Use the mobile app to complete an order drop-off. Become a merchant today!

local store owner


_MERCHANT_ app logo
opening an Exchange Zone
_SHIFT_ app logo


_SHIFT_ is a Relai app that gives everyone a simple and safe way to drop off and pick up items asynchronously. It's a safer way to do online marketplace transactions and makes quick storage more convenient.  Download _SHIFT_ and start using Exchange Zones!

woman using a Relai app
_SHOPPER_ app logo


_SHOPPER_ is a Relai app that enables people to shop from local merchants and pick up products at Exchange Zones. _SHOPPER_ makes buying local simpler and more accessible. Download today and support your local favorites!

What are we launching next?

Donations via Exchange Zones

couple preparing donations

A New Way to GIVE locally

Imagine if every organization had the capacity to accept donations from their community and do so asynchronously. Orgs without a physical space could collect essentials and others with space don't have to transform their admin and programming spaces into warehouses. Want to learn more? Click here.

Have a more specific use case?

Build a Custom Relai App!

Our roster of applications is growing but we know it doesn't meet all Exchange Zone needs yet so we want your help! We'd love to help you build a custom Relai app specifically for your needs. Please email to get started!

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