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Empower Hyperlocal Habits

Exchange Zone in town square

Embracing a hyperlocal lifestyle cultivates a ripple effect of positive change. When we decide to connect at a neighborhood level, we contribute to the vitality of our surroundings. Moreover, supporting local businesses often means fewer transportation emissions and a stronger sense of belonging.


By choosing to engage locally first, we not only enhance our quality of life but also foster a more sustainable and resilient community for generations to come.

Exchange Zone FAQs

Exchange Zones are convenient locations with secure locations that give people on-demand access to store and retrieve items

What exactly are EZs?

You need to download a Relai app, go to an Exchange Zone, and follow the in-app prompts to make a drop-off or pickup.

How do I use EZs?

Exchange Zones help businesses increase foot traffic, boost sales, reduce carbon footprint, and optimize existing workflows.

Can EZs help my business?

Exchange Zones are most often used for online marketplaces, quick storage, and brick and mortar retail pickup alternative.

What do I use EZs for?


Meet the Founders

We are leading a team of unapologetic dreamers with strong operating backgrounds across several industries in both startups and enterprises. 

We're taking a bottom-up approach to reimagine everyday logistics to make it possible for everyone to have more hyperlocal habits.


Miles Mufuka Martin


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Alma Mater: U. of the South Contact: LinkedIn

Miles Mufuka Martin

Tracy (TJ) Tann Jr.


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Alma Mater: U. of Richmond

Contact: LinkedIn

Tracy Tann Jr.
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