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Use A Relai App and Unlock Local Exchange Zones!

A growing roster of apps that help people reimagine how they do shopping, quick storage, peer-to-peer, and so much more! Check out what's live now: 


Empowering local businesses to sell and drop off products at local Exchange Zones. Sign up and become a merchant today!

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Giving everyone a simple and safe way to drop off and pick up items asynchronously. Download SHIFT and start using Exchange Zones!

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Enabling people to shop from local merchants and pick up products at Exchange Zones. Get SHOPPER and support your local favorites!

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Have a new idea for how to use Exchange Zones?

We'd love to help build your idea! Let's work together and create a custom Relai app specifically for your needs. 

Exchange Zones can Look Different for Every Community! 

Exchange Zones are in 10 cities spanning 3,000+ miles across the United States and more locations are added every month! The diversity of Exchange Zones represents all the teamwork and collaboration necessary to share Relai's mission.  Your property can host an Exchange Zone. Learn more today!

Our Mission, Our Story

The mission is to empower everyone with the tools to access more of what's local to them. By reimagining everyday logistics Relai wants to enable more hyperlocal habits. 

We're former track & field athletes. This shared background inspires our vision for Relai. We've ran relay races and know that a team is faster than any individual. That's why we chose the name, Relai, and as we grows we want an ethos collaboration to continue to drive us forward.


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Miles Mufuka Martin

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Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Alma Mater: Sewanee #YSR
Role: CEO

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Tracy Tann Jr.

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Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Alma Mater: Univ. of Richmond
Role: COO


Let's Work Together!

We all do more good when working together. We know it takes a village and we want to be part of yours. Let's start that relationship today!

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