The Sustainable Last Mile Platform

Transforming communities via hyperlocal applications and public smart locker networks

Dynamic Applications

Delivery, Peer-to-Peer, Returns, Pick-Up & Much More!

Relai provides last mile solutions for your needs. Choose the Relai application that will propel your business forward.


Transformative Value

We empower lockers for everyday use.

 You're in control of locker locations, compartment access, operating times, & more. Relai makes your day-to-day better.

Benefits for Retailers

Relai equips retailers with flexible delivery options, greater local connectivity, and more consistent pricing.

Benefits for Couriers

Our platform helps consolidate drop-offs, reduces time per stop, and allows 24/7 access to parcels.

Benefits for Shoppers

We give shoppers a secure way to buy locally without sacrificing any fulfillment related convenience. 

Benefits for Cities

Relai helps decrease vehicle traffic, reduce delivery emissions, and promote local shopping.

“I run an outdoor flower stand. I never knew there was tech that could boost MY business before Relai."

Christopher T.

Business Owner/Operator

I wish I had Relai when starting my first business... Would've saved a lot of time and even more headaches.

Gregory C.


"It just makes sense! Most my customers just live around town and my only option was next-day or overnight shipping."

Benally R.

Store Manager

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