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Relai Exchange Zone

Building Hyperlocal Communities

Relai is building hyperlocal infrastructure that empowers people to pick up and drop off items asynchronously. Exchange Zones make it all possible.

Every day online interactions are becoming more personalized and even more localized. Why hasn't our physical world kept pace?

Just think about life before AirBnB or FB Marketplace. How we shop, work, and socialize online has drastically changed in recent memory but we still don't have access to physical tech to parallel evolving digital habits.

Relai is changing that on a hyperlocal level...

Introducing Exchange Zones -- convenient locations with secure compartments that allow people on-demand access to pick up and drop off items asynchronously.

Exchange Zone Tower black and green

Hyperlocal Hardware + Your Mobile Device =

A New Way to Do More Locally


60 mins

to install

2-3 years

of battery life

No outlets, no internet, or bolting are needed to install. A standard Exchange Zone configuration weighs approx. 1000 lbs and comes equipped with self-stabilizers for questionable terrains. These towers aren't "fixtures" but they are ready for the long haul.  If you trust an ATM on a property, then you should trust an Exchange Zone more. 

Exchange Zone Tower grey

Impact on Location

30 secs

avg. transaction length


avg. increase in foot traffic

With numerous use cases for Exchange Zones, locations often see a significant increase in traffic as their site(s) becomes a hub for pickups and drop-offs. It costs $0.00 to host an Exchange Zone and traffic drives sales so it's clear why more businesses sign up every day.


3 apps

developed to date

15 use cases

served to date

You need a Relai app to use an Exchange Zone so our growing roster of applications is designed to meet needs as diverse as the communities we serve. One size doesn't fit all and we want to empower more unique experiences!

a Relai app


We're creating a new way for people to connect on a hyperlocal scale.

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