Hyper Local

Relai reimagines everyday logistics by creating the speed, flexibility, and consistency of relay races for the last mile to empower hyper local business.



Shopping nearby is essential.

Use Relai to shop locally and have what you want within-the-hour. You can have orders delivered to you or pick them up from a nearby exchange zone.

Virtually anything you want is for sale by a retailer nearby where you are right now. This means if you choose to buy from local retailers, you can get anything you want and get it faster. 

By shopping with Relai you can have a new & dynamic ecommerce experience while supporting your local economy.


Imagine the possibilities, if shopping from your phone felt like shopping in person.



What is Relai?


Relai is a supply chain & logistics startup innovating at the intersection of several emerging trends and industries. For greater speed & flexibility Relai decentralizes last-mile logistics to offer within-the-hour delivery for non-food products by moving orders from local retailers to local shoppers through a hyperlocal network of access points. We're excited to introduce Relai to world in 2022!


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Merchants are local retailers with physical storefronts to source products. They are sellers of the products (not food, freight, or medicine) that become the “batons” for the Relai process. They setup digital storefronts on the Relai platform for Shoppers. Merchants also prepare purchased products for delivery. ​


Become a merchant and sell in-store products for within-the-hour delivery.


By allowing people to shop & receive their purchases within 60 minutes of ordering, Relai allows you to have digital customer traffic that complements or supplements your in-store engagement. 


Imagine the possibilities for your business, if you could give customers the opportunity to shop remotely.


Sprinters are crowd-sourced delivery persons. They are crowd-shipping individuals that pickup and drop-off orders connecting merchants & exchange zones, exchange zones & exchange zones, and exchange zones & shoppers.

People choose gig work for a variety of reasons like primary income, exercise, side hustle, and fun. Being a sprinter is a consistent and flexible way to help you achieve your goals and better connect your community.


Here are a few reasons to become a sprinter:

1. Faster delivery times

2. Shorter delivery distances

3. Support for local businesses

4. Incentives for green transportation like biking or walking

5. Guaranteed tips built into every delivery