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Introducing SHIFT: A Relai App for Better P2P Transactions

SHIFT is a Relai app built to make online marketplace exchanges simpler and safer. By using SHIFT you no longer have to coordinate to meet in person. The hassle of coordinating with a buyer or seller to meet up in this or that parking lot and the pit you get in your stomach stepping out of the car is now a thing of the past. SHIFT is now the go to app to exchange items from online in real life.

Safety First

Meeting a stranger in a public place can be unsettling, let alone inviting them to your home. Some of us may not even shop on Facebook Marketplace because of the hesitation to meet strangers at all. Everyone should be able to take advantage of the deals and opportunities Facebook Marketplace offers without sacrificing their comfortability.

Exchange Zones are strategically placed in public locations so you know you’re safe when using it. Dropping off and picking up an item takes less than 2 minutes. No more waiting around for someone to show up, just click a few buttons drop or pick-up and go.

How It Works

  • Following a sale, use the app to find your closest Exchange Zone to navigate to.

  • After arriving at the Exchange Zone, follow the in-app prompts to open a door and place the item inside.

  • Text a pickup link to your recipient and enjoy your day!

If you are a seller and prefer certain Exchange Zone locations then you can mention your items are available at those Exchange Zones in your posts. If you are a buyer, feel free to request your items to be dropped off at an Exchange Zone and duration convenient for you. With Exchange Zones placed in public, safe locations in neighborhoods across the city there will always be a location that is convenient for both parties.

There is even a Facebook Group dedicated to just using SHIFT to avoid in-person meetups. If you or someone you know enjoys buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace, but don’t like meeting people in person or inviting them to your house this group is for you! Check out the group and join here to start buying and selling more safely.

The next time you are trying to figure out what time and where to meet a stranger to either drop off your sale or pick up your purchase, remember to use SHIFT to simplify your logistics and ensure your safety.


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