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Using frictionless mobile applications and smart locker networks designed for your community Relai offers truly local logistics services.

Thank You!

Why use Relai?


Space -- People should be living, not existing around the hassles of delivery. Relai gives people more space for what really matters.


Time -- It's our biggest asset. Don't waste it on services with poor (or no) communication. Relai offers full clear & concise info whenever you need it.


Agility -- Your needs can change. The pandemic proved that for everyone. Relai is the last mile partner that can pivot with you.

Starting Line

Manage, Sell, & Send with Live Updates

Retailers and peer sellers have a dedicated portal to manage & sell on-site inventory for delivery or pickup to their local community.

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Finish Line

Track, Pickup, & Receive with Full Transparency

User have a unique interface to shop locally as well as choose when and where they want to receive their purchases.

Pick your Lane

Customize your Experience for your Needs

Each user can choose critical aspects their experience,  no more trying to reach locker doors that are too low or high. 

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What can Relai deliver? 
Anything! As long as it can fit in a smart locker compartment we can move it. Parcels must be smaller than 19" x 17" x 23". 
Relai does not deliver guns, ammunition, alcohol, or any illegal substances.
We're diligent to make sure that nothing in our networks violates anyone's safety & respect.


Tell me more about smart lockers. 
There are more smart lockers deployed every day! The lockers we use are battery powered, contactless, and take less than 30 minutes to install.
There are many factors regarding smart locker placement like densities, vehicle traffic, foot traffic, topography, ADA best practices, and more!


What is Relai's vision? 
If Google makes computer easier to use, Relai makes lockers easier to use.
We aim to accelerate smart locker adoption so that everyone is no more than a casual 10 minute bike ride away from their nearest locker. 
Our hyperlocal vision will help bring inventory closer to consumers, decrease delivery emissions, disrupt the 'Amazon Effect', and offer greater access to communities with lower densities.