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Our Mission, Our Story

The mission is to empower everyone with the tools to access more of what's local to them. By reimagining everyday logistics Relai wants to enable more hyperlocal habits. 

We're former track & field athletes. This shared background inspires our vision for Relai. We've ran relay races and know that a team is faster than any individual. That's why we chose the name, Relai, and as we grows we want an ethos collaboration to continue to drive us forward.

Miles Mufuka Martin

I grew up in an "early adopter" household; my father is a software engineer and he's always trying out new apps and gadgets. Seeing what new tech could do was cool but he always focused on how something works and encouraged me to tinker. This empowered me to really explore what else could be possible by reimaging how things work.

Hometown: Pittsburgh PA 

Role: Co-Founder & CEO 

Alma Mater: Sewanee #YSR

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TJ photo-IMG_5706_auto_x2_edited.jpg

Tracy (TJ) Tann Jr.

My parents are a major personal influence. They're community-focused. My dad is a medical case manager and was a social worker in 1960s Philly. He was always very frank with me about what you’re up against as a Black man in America. My mom was always involved in her church and the greater community. We talked a lot. You might not understand everything when you’re 9 or 10, but it’s the routine of, “OK, the world is bigger than what I’m doing right now.”

Hometown: Philadelphia PA 

Role: Co-Founder & COO 

Alma Mater: U. of Richmond

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Let's Work Together!

We all do more good when working together. We know it takes a village and we want to be part of yours. Let's start that relationship today!

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